Join Us February 28 - March 1, 2019

Agency and client business leaders are confronted with evolving their products, services, and go-to market strategies, along with meeting shareholder expectations and rising to the demands of the new workplace. While operational effectiveness, innovation and talent effectiveness have always been co-mingled, the unprecedented disruption facing the agency world today requires a near constant reinvention of business model & practices, making that co-mingling more visible and more complex than ever. 

The rapid pace of change vis-a-vis norms & mores of people, culture and the workplace requires new frameworks for organizations to dynamically adapt and nimbly respond to issues as they arise.  The tried and true methods of attracting talent, nurturing a company culture and retaining your best is at odds with the expectations of today’s workforce. The new playbook gets old fast, and rewriting it is up to everyone. 

Don’t miss Talent@2030, where those running agencies and leaders from across the disciplines that make up HR come together for meaningful discussion about the business of people & culture. With a focus on agility, transparency, organizational development and design, succession planning and adapting to learning culture, this year’s program will help you determine how to lead people, business, and culture effectively in the age of accelerated change.