SAVE THE DATE: March 6-7, 2018

Last year's 4A's Talent@2030 brought together 250 Talent and HR leaders, along with top C-suite agency and client-side executives, who offered candid perspectives about the significant impact that technology, social media and data have had on people and culture. The event culminated with a dynamic Master Class on unconscious bias that left our attendees with new insights about what it really takes to build sustainable, inclusive people and culture practices.

Mark your calendars now and plan to attend this September's 4A's Talent@2030. This year is sure to be an even stronger talent community and knowledge building event for the industry! The agency-focused agenda will present best practices in talent retention that enable the future through innovative engagement and development strategies.  

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We look forward to seeing you this September!

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Company Cultures: A Competitive Advantage?
October 29, 2015

Join Pat Doody, leader of Seattle-based agency WONGDOODY for 21 years, as this webinar breaks down what a culture is and isn’t, the ways it can increase productivity and how it must be consciously conceived, installed and instilled. It examines the role of owners/employers in creating the culture and the role of employees in nurturing it.

Recruiting and Retaining Working Mothers
February 2, 2016

Based on research with more than 5,000 working mothers across the country, Katherine Wintsch, CEO, The Mom Complex, will help you discover what no one else is willing to say about the struggles working mothers face when trying to do it all.


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September 29, 2015

Management Skills for Women, New York 
Led by:  Pam Bloore, Co-Founder, Filament


November 12, 2015

Presentation Skills: Communicating With Impact and Maximizing Influence, Minneapolis 
Led by: Gail Calhoun, Executive Coach & President, Calhoun Consulting, Inc.


October 15, 2015

The Master Game Plan For Training & Coaching Your Team
Led by: Brad Karsh, President, JB Training Solutions


October 23, 2015

Hiring for Keeps 
Led by:  Paul Gumbinner 


October 27, 2015

The Art and Science of Networking for Agency Women
Led by: Nancy Joyce, CEO, Joyce Advisors


Company Cultures: A Competitive Advantage? 
Led by: Pat Doody, Co-Founder, President, WONGDOODY

October 29, 2015


December 10, 2015

What It Takes to be a Successful Agency Manager 
Led by: Tim Williams, Ignition Consulting Group


Management Skills for Women
Led by:  Pam Bloore, Co-Founder, Filament

January 21, 2016


February 02, 2016

Recruiting and Retaining Working Mothers
Led by: Katherine Wintsch, CEO, The Mom Complex


February 04, 2016


February 08, 2016

Convincing Clients: 4 Principles for Influencing Decisions


Driving Performance: 4 Metrics for Motivating Agency Efforts

March 07, 2016


March 31, 2016

Talent Management Innovations: How to Attract and Retain Top Talent
Led by: Gary Duke, Partner & Chief Talent Officer, Wilder Blue Yonder