Account Director
Havas Worldwide New York

Shana joined Havas almost 4 years ago as the Account Director on Bayer’s Claritin, Afrin, and Coricidin businesses. Following Bayer, she ran the WeddingWire business, where she developed the company’s first launch campaign, quickly learning about the best site for planning a wedding. Currently, Shana leads the TJX TRI Holiday account for the second year. Last year’s campaign, Bring Back the Holidays was named the most relevant holiday ad by Wall Street Journal. 

Shana kicked off her advertising career at Ammirati Puris Lintas on the Unilever laundry business. She spent two years working on Snuggle, All, and Wisk. She then spent five years at Grey Worldwide focusing on a range of products from ChapStick to Flonase, for which she helped develop a very successful film noir campaign—ground-breaking for the world of allergies. 

Cadbury’s HALLS, Swedish Fish, and Sour Patch Kids were Shana’s focus for four years as an Account Director at JWT. On HALLS she worked to expand consumer perceptions of a predominantly seasonal brand to align globally as a purposeful candy. On Swedish Fish she launched the fish as “A friend you can eat.” And after working her fair share on sweets, she dabbled in spirits, helping the global Smirnoff business launch its Nightlife Exchange Project.

Shana lives in Brooklyn with her boyfriend and two dogs. She spends most weekends in Vermont and loves to travel.