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Vice President & Regional Analytics Lead

Ross Jenkins is the Vice President and Regional Analytics Lead for Xaxis; a global digital media platform that programmatically connects advertisers and publishers to audiences across addressable channels.

As Practice Lead he is responsible for analytical offerings in the areas of Audience, cross-channel measurement, advanced analytics, Business Intelligence, product development, and performance optimization.

Ross is the former SVP of Analytics for Omnicom RAPP where he served as department and data innovation lead for North America.

Ross's 15 year career covers experiences in Automotive, CPG, Pharma, Fuels Marketing and Telecommunications, highlighted by the development of advanced digital measurement and ROI frameworks for several Fortune 100 brands.

Ross is an internationally recognized thought leader with a keen interest in "People Based Measurement. He has been quoted in such media outlets as B2B, Knowledge Management, Forrester, DMNEWS, ClickZ, and Marketing Sherpa and holds a degree in Metaphysics from the University of Connecticut.