Project Manager and Brand Ambassador

Max spent the first year of his career with a recruiting firm engaging in both sales and corporate recruiting. After developing strong business acumen, Max wanted to leverage his Advertising degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and his passion for that business in a role that could combine both his professional experience and his classroom expertise. Max was fortunate enough to come across his current role with this new talent initiative, Elevated, backed by the 4A's. The role would aim to correct the biggest pain point he saw when seeking his first job out of college: an understanding of the available opportunities in the advertising world. In his nine months with Elevated, he, along with his colleague Bianca Rubin, has increased brand awareness for Elevated across the Midwest, successfully brought the new recruitment program to 12 universities reaching nearly a thousand students, and implemented the framework for a program that will hopefully last for years to come.