Global Head of Solutions
Mind Gym


Mary-Clare Race is the Global Head of Solutions at Mind Gym based in New York.  Mind Gym is a people consultancy that effectively transforms the way people think, act, and behave, at work and at home. Mary-Clare and her team of psychologists act as behavior change agents by helping companies focus on their employees’’ needs first to empower professionals to think differently about their work. Since the launch of the UK headquarters in 2001 and the U.S. office in 2006, Mind Gym has helped improve performance at more than 1,200 companies for more than 1 million employees in more than 40 countries around the world, including 53 percentpercent of the S&P 100 and 61 percent percent of FTSE 100 companies.  Mary-Clare is an Organisational Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Psychology, a Master of Science degree in Organisational Psychology and has recently completed her PhD at University College London.