Director of Talent Management & Diversity

LaToya I. Jordan is the Director of Talent Management & Diversity at JetBlue.  In this role, she leads key practices including internal talent movement, developing talent success drivers, career navigation, performance management, diversity strategy, and emerging talent strategy. Prior to her role in Talent Management, LaToya served as the Manager of Organizational Effectiveness, where she focused primarily on managing OD-related engagements as well as facilitating leadership training programs for JetBlue leaders. Before coming to JetBlue, LaToya led Pfizer’s Employee Development & Mentoring global strategy. She earned her Ph.D. in social & organizational psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University. Her doctoral thesis, which explored the relationship between corporate volunteerism and employee engagement, presented compelling evidence for individual and institutional investment in community service. Personally, LaToya stands behind her research as volunteerism is integral to her leadership style and how she coaches others to lead.