SAVE THE DATE: March 6-7, 2018

Last year's 4A's Talent@2030 brought together 250 Talent and HR leaders, along with top C-suite agency and client-side executives, who offered candid perspectives about the significant impact that technology, social media and data have had on people and culture. The event culminated with a dynamic Master Class on unconscious bias that left our attendees with new insights about what it really takes to build sustainable, inclusive people and culture practices.

Mark your calendars now and plan to attend this September's 4A's Talent@2030. This year is sure to be an even stronger talent community and knowledge building event for the industry! The agency-focused agenda will present best practices in talent retention that enable the future through innovative engagement and development strategies.  

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The Second Shift

After discovering that an MFA in Shakespearean Studies does not insure a brilliant teaching career when one has stage fright before every class, Gina found her way into advertising.  She joined Ogilvy & Mather, first as Chief of Staff to the co-creative head of the agency, then as Worldwide Creative Coordinator working on IBM. 

Moving to Seattle in the late 90’s, Gina joined the first tech revolution as the Director of Business Development at ads.com, an ultimately doomed start up that taught her what not to do when starting a company. Gina laid her self off, went into labor with her first child, said good-bye to the structure of a traditional workplace, and hello to the flexibility of entrepreneurship. Gina founded her own consulting business, and worked to expand the footprint of lifestyle brands across a range of categories from fitness to luxury and entertainment. She accomplished this work while also moving her family back and forth across the country four times in five years. 

In 2015 Gina and her co-founder, Jenny Galluzzo, launched The Second Shift, a platform that seamlessly connects carefully selected women representing the most experienced freelance talent available within the marketing and finance vertical, to agencies and brands that understand the value in boldly embracing the gig economy. The Second Shift allows businesses to match the most relevant expertise to each project, no matter the size, and adapt in real time to an ever-changing set of needs. The Second Shift gives professional women the ability to continue to practice skills they spent a career acquiring, when full time employment is not an option. The agencies and brands they work with the benefit of their unique point of view and critical expertise. The Second Shift is a tool to retain critical female talent in the workforce, and Gina is thrilled to be at the 4As Talent Conference as part on this conversation.