Partner, CEO New York and Toronto

Franke has spent the past five years as Partner and CEO of Anomaly Toronto – an office he opened and has led with Partners Pete Breton and Dave Douglass to become one of the top agencies in Canada.

In his role as CEO of both New York and Toronto, he will work closely with the leadership teams in both offices to drive growth, disruptive work for ambitious clients, strengthen culture and DNA, and continue to drive the agency’s position as a change agent for the industry.

Franke joined Anomaly New York in 2007 as a hybrid account leader and Business Development Director. His ability to span the traditional world and the digital world, coupled with a keen commercial mind (he holds an Economics degree from Columbia University), makes him a versatile and effective business leader. During his first stint in the New York office, he led several business successes across a range of disciplines, including: client services, business development and intellectual property.