Erika Andersen

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Erika Andersen is the founding partner of Proteus, a coaching, consulting, and training firm that focuseson leader readiness. Over the past 30 years, Erika has developed a reputation for creating approaches to learning and business-building that are tailored to her clients’ challenges, goals, and culture. She and her colleagues at Proteus focus uniquely on helping leaders at all levels get ready and stay ready to meet whatever the future might bring.

Much of her recent work has focused on organizational visioning and strategy, executive coaching, and management and leadership development. In these capacities, she serves as consultant and advisor to the CEOs and/or top executives of a number of corporations, including NBCUniversal, Gannett Company, Rockwell Automation, Turner Broadcasting System, GE, Union Square Hospitality Group, and Madison Square Garden.

Erika also shares her insights about managing people and creating successful businesses by speaking to corporations, not-for-profit groups, and national associations. Her books and learning guides have been translated into Spanish, Turkish, German, French, Russian, and Chinese, and she has been quoted in a variety of national publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune magazine, and The New York Times. Erika is also one of the most popular business bloggers at

She’s the author of Leading So People Will Follow (Jossey-Bass, 2012), Being Strategic (St. Martin’s Press, May 2009), and Growing Great Employees (Portfolio, 2006). She’s also the host of Being Strategic with Erika Andersen on Public Television