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Hacking HR

Enrique Rubio is an Electronic Engineer with an Executive Master’s in Public Administration from Maxwell School. Enrique came to the United States from Venezuela as a Fulbright Scholar. Prior to coming to the US, Enrique was the CEO at Management Consultants, a firmed specialized in Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility Services in Venezuela. Among his clients were Coca Cola Company, Del Monte and General Mills. Before Management Consultants Enrique worked in the telecommunications sector as a Senior Project Engineer for Telefonica. Enrique currently works as an advisor for the CHRO at the Inter-American Development Bank. He is also the founder of Hacking HR, a forum for the discussion of the intersection of technology and HR. Enrique is also the cofounder of Cotopaxi, an artificial intelligence based recruitment platform focused on Latin America and the Caribbean (launching in 2018). Enrique is a guest author in several blogs about innovation, management and human resources and has been featured by LinkedIn Innovation and Leadership channels.