Chief Talent Officer
Horizon Media

As the brain child for Horizon’s best-in-industry standard, Eileen oversees the success of Horizon Media’s talent management practice by striving to build a team of extraordinarily energetic and motivated employees, with an approach that fosters integration between the personal and the professional.

A two-time winner of one of AdAge’s highest honors, Best Places to Work in Advertising & Media, Horizon has excelled in growth but also in the carefully cultivated culture that spans both coasts. Responsible for not only recruiting top talent, but also maintaining Horizon’s record of talent retention, Eileen created a forward-thinking career development program that boasts a caliber that is unmatched in the industry. With continuous innovation, strong philanthropy and an outstanding attention to the health and wellness of employees, Eileen’s team works to strengthen the bond across the differences in generations, levels and departments, a notion that has become synonymous with Horizon Media. Eileen’s driving purpose is to ensure the highest level of employee satisfaction by creating experiences that are customized and unparalleled.

Prior to joining Horizon Media, Benwitt worked for four years as executive vice president of human resources at MPG. Previously, she was executive vice president of human resources at Porter Novelli.

Crafting guidelines to create a productive and professional business at Horizon translates into Eileen’s home life, where she develops a healthy mind, body and soul through a regular practice of pilates, spinning, cycling, and spending time with her son and husband and believes that a sense of humor is the key to all things in life.