Conference Learning Pack

As an added bonus to this year’s 4A’s Talent@2030 conference, we’re offering a Conference Learning Pack of three (3) webinars of the most pressing topics facing Talent/HR professionals.  

You’ll have access to view these webinars at your own convenience, before, during and after the conference in March.

This learning pack includes:

●    The Science of Women in Leadership
●    How Work/Life Balance Looks For You
●    An Introduction to Courageous Conversations About Race (TM)

Full descriptions below.

The Science of Women in Leadership

Led by Renetta McCann, Chief Talent Officer at Leo Burnett & Dr. Lauren Tucker, strategic performance innovator

As the agency business faces increased pressure to remain competitive and relevant, we have to be smarter about diverse talent segments. Many of our agencies strive to engage the most innovative thinkers, but ultimately, what we really want is to achieve business results that reach today’s multicultural consumer. These two things aren’t mutually exclusive.

Join Renetta McCann, Chief Talent Officer at Leo Burnett, who will engage Dr. Lauren Tucker, strategic performance innovator, in a discussion about her career journey from planner to leader in the decision science field.

What Will You Learn:

●    How to source talent from diverse backgrounds, genders, and cultures
●    How to uncover the role these diverse talents play in your workplace
●    How having a diverse range of talented team members in leadership roles can benefit your agency
●    How to build an inclusive company culture

How Work/Life Balance Looks For You

Led by Jacqueline Debien, Global Director, Attraction & Engagement at Momentum Worldwide, Jennifer Frieman, Chief Talent Officer at McCann Worldgroup’s, Donnalyn Smith, President, North America, and Jenny Galluzzo co-founder of The Second Shift

Life is already a non-stop series of priorities to manage, and having a child can change priorities in a way that creates real upheaval for your career – and that’s OK. In fact, the skills you learn as a parent can improve your balance at work, and vice versa. 

The key to success is re-aligning the priorities for personal growth and advancement. In this webinar, you’ll understand how to create a balance framework in your own life and help establish key principles to ensure your own balance and progression.

What Will You Learn:

●    How to find the right work/life balance
●    How to make that ideal balance a reality

An Introduction to Courageous Conversations About Race (TM)

Led by Keesha Jean-Baptiste (formerly at W+K Portland) and Glenn Singleton, author of Courageous Conversations About Race

Good leaders want ALL employees to feel empowered to bring their whole selves to the workplace and deliver their very best work. This can only occur when employees have a strong sense of belonging, or inclusion, which requires that true racial equality is evident in policies, programming and practices within an agency and throughout the industry.

An environment of inclusion begins with acceptance. And acceptance starts with truthful, powerful and ultimately Courageous Conversations About Race. Armed with a protocol to talk about race, executive leaders and interns alike can go about the business of attracting, developing, promoting and sustaining racial diversity. In this webinar, you will gain guidance on the tools to building a true culture of inclusion.

What Will You Learn:

●    How to build a workplace culture that promotes equality and inclusion
●    How to approach racial conversations - and encourage employees to express themselves
●    How to support a racially diverse team

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